Peace need not be a dream,

A wish or child’s naïve illusion

It need not silently flow out of our bloodstream

Instead of flow in-

While feeding the bottomless greed

Of blind ambition,

Thirst for power

Lust for the fleeting things, mortal things,

Self-consuming, self-defeating things of a world in which

We are only passers by


Peace need not be a dream

An oasis or that strange place where fantasy reigns

It need not be masked behind

Pretense, feigned consensus or mere conformity

It need not fly on broken wings

Or walk on broken limbs

Or hang on the broken strings of humanity


Peace need not be impossibility

A myth disappearing into the sun

Each time a nation’s daughters and sons

Look one another eye to eye

And their name is—tribe

Driven apart by social construct

Mentality we must deconstruct!


Kenyan youth,

You know the truth

So you have the power to choose

Which side of history you will stand.


Peace need not be a foreign, distant memory

Lost between torn pages

From old history books

Peace shall be fill our cup

If only we shall pour in it

Pour our souls into our nation’s redemption

Only if we shall rise up

To honor the flag for which blood was spilled

A nation’s future sealed


Peace looks like one thousand stars

Finding home in one sky

Like one thousand voices

Harmonizing one song

Like one thousand hands held together

In this march to freedom, chanting:

“We shall overcome!

We shall overcome!”


Peace looks like:

Voting NOT for race, creed or color of skin

Voting NOT for name, fame or tribe of your kin


It looks like:

Voting leaders for merit

And NOT having to pay the price for it


Kenyan youth,

You know this truth

You have the power to choose

Which side of history you will stand


Peace is possible, dreamable, achievable, and livable!

Peace is ABLE

Now is the time to rewrite the story

Across counties- tribes- occupations

The time is now to engrave peace in our history!




  1. Thanks Natasha, for this great piece and message. Indeed why should peace continue to be a dream? Mother Africa needs a break!!!!
    Go on and keep doing what you do best.

    Liked by 1 person

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