My frame was shaped inside you

The ART of me

Crafted in your heart.

Your womb,

Cave where I was bred

The reality of me beautified,

Creatively woven by the maker

Called forth to shine

For we are:

Stars of the earth- And

Stairway to heaven


Hear me when I tell you

Nothing compares to the diamonds in your crown

Hear me when I tell you

Nothing is quite like the glory in your arms

When you hold the world together


Over and over again, the broken pieces


Over and over again, the falling pieces

Of humanity


Over and over again,

Your comforts for the pleasures of power

Here me when I tell you, woman

Nothing compares to the diamonds in your crown!

So when you look in the mirror

Don’t be asking yourself ‘Who’s the fairest of them all?’

You are the definition of QUEEN

Most majestic of them all!

Umwali w’uRwanda,

Hahirwa abakumenya

Bakamenya ubwiza n’imbaraga

By’umutima wawe

N’urukundo rukuranga

Umwali w’uRwanda 

Ntuzibagirwe agaciro kawe!


You are stars of the earth

Stairway to heaven-

So don’t forget

To raise your head

Walk with grace

Raise your voice

Make COURAGE your name

And when you lead, LEAD with authority

Woman, remember- you count

For nothing compares to the place you hold

And to the rest of us…

In the words of our first lady, Mrs. Jeannette Kagame,

“Let us put our efforts in campaigns

that not only realize the importance of supporting women,

But that  of women and men working alongside each other

For the betterment of our people, country & subsequently,



(To be continued)



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