Someone once told me 

“Embrace the moment

Make it your own

Let yourself dance to the tune 

Besides, what’ve you got to lose? 

Well, everything if you should so choose 

But really- this music only plays once so don’t let me down

Just live!”

I believed 

In second chances 

In enlightenment

In the magic of new places and 

Knowing that finding true friends would mean getting looked at in the eye 

Not just mere passing glances 

I’ve learned 

That life is better lived when love is our religion 

Hope, our constant rhythm 

Faith, the very light to carry us 

Over every mount 

Under every tunnel 

To the side past every pothole in this road to:

Freedom, greatness

To whatever the future holds! 

I’ve found that this journey is traveled

When we let the unknowns be

and just BE- who we are

Champions in the making 

For in every storm, there’s a calming

And each closed door has an opening 

Wisdom once told me 

“Don’t be blind! 

Betrayal, you will find 

In the most unexpected places 

But you’re no angel too-

So stay humble 

 Don’t lose sight of the better you 

When night falls, fix your gaze on brighter moons

Stand- firm in the ground beneath your feet

I believed

In rising up

Spreading my wings

Knowing that every season will send

Someone, or something to catch me 

I’ve learned that falling is new beginning 

And dying inside- that’s a choice

To turn off the music and lose yourself

In holding on to winds you cannot catch…

So I chose- to be -me 



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