Must We

It starts with a handshake

The mind’s agreement to play the system…

Money exchanges hands

Truth covered up to protect brands

Trails of greed stain

Our constitutional ideals—and then

There goes our own image

Of what we stand for, toil for

Spend every day preparing our children for

Integrity sacrificed at the altar of “only human” vice

But, must we pay this price?

Must we keep silent?

While our dreams waste away?

While opportunity for change fades away?

While the tools we have to fight the good fight rust on away?

How I hope it is obvious that we cannot

Shift the blame and run away

For as long as this is our reality,

It is bound to stay

But, must we pay that price?

Must we keep silent?

About the promise that lies

In placing on a pedestal high

Principles bound to make us soar?

Well I, pray it is obvious that we must NOT

Throw away what we’ve worked hard to build

A law we have re-shaped to embody the spirit of good leadership

From top authority down to ordinary citizens

From institutions to individuals

Together fighting challenges that still remain

Despite consistent progress we’ve already witnessed

 In economic growth and

Sustained political and legal reform

Now let us push for

Public to private sector interaction

Make right use of policies like devolution

Tell me, must we?

Cease to see that honesty begins with one then moves to the many?

Each one of us must play a part,

Be willing to lend a hand

Propel our dreams of success in the days to come

Our role is to educate

Lead as we illuminate

Speak about national growth as we liberate

Our minds, and those of others, captivate

By raising quality of service

Building capacity to carry this

Message of transformation forward to the coming generations

Yes, our role is to elevate!

Transparency and accountability

We can’t afford to keep trading for a higher price—

Security and stability

Nor can we waste this opportunity

To end with a handshake

Our common agreement to strengthen the system

And when they ask you

“Must we believe that we can make a worthwhile difference?”

I hope you say “YES!”

                                                                                    By: Natasha Muhoza



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