Who said you cannot?

Who said there were any boundaries?

Who set the limit to what you were destined for?

Who said you cannot?

The world awaits your greatness

We shall see you rise to high places

Where there content of your brain speaks of your future’s brightness!

Regardless of your gender

It’s deeper than what many have long seen as weakness

Higher than where history has long placed a ceiling

Further than where you thought you could see—

The world awaits your greatness!

Girl, there is more to you

Technology says you can put your brain to use,

Compete on the world stage

The same way you brothers can

Technology says you can now define yourself

By the impact of your creativity,

The measure of your capacity no longer pre-determined by a future designed to keep you in the background

Techgirl, there’s much more to you!

So sit down and envision

A time when our daughters and theirs after them

Shall look back and say:

‘Our mother’s mothers taught us change

Then stand-up and be the change

Be the point where history turns to tell a new story

Of the woman

Of the African woman who turned:

Poverty into wealth

Ignorance to education

Obstacles to opportunities

Turned her-world up-side-down with her magic!

Stand-up and be the change

March on the frontlines, girl

Lift your head up high, girl

Lead us on to the skies for there is no better time

Like now, to be a girl

To be you-and-I

There is no better chance

To touch lives with the work of your heart and mind

Techgirl march on the front lines!

Grace Hopper: Created one of the first computer programming languages in 1991, which earned her the highest honor in engineering and technology in the United States.

Caterina Fake: Co-founder of flickr

Ada Lovelace: World’s first computer programmer

WOMEN whose legacy causes me to ask you,

Who are you not to be a first too?

Rwandan Techgirl, who are you not to invent?

Invent a future where—

Your daughter and hers after her will look back and say:

My mother and hers before her taught me change

So TechGirl, stand-up and be the change!

By: Natasha Muhoza



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