Iphone pics April 2016 107Natasha D. Muhoza

(Kwibuka22; Our Past 2016)


Letter 1:

Manweli muhungu wanjye

Nakwise ntyo mukwizera

Nizera ko iyahanze Gasabo izahora iduhanze amaso iteka

Tukidegembya nta nkomyi

Maze ijoro rirakomanga

Bakuntwara ntakomye

Ntakira Gihanga nikomye hejuru

N’amakoma ntiyadukingira

Kuko ijuru ryari ryagukinguriwe…

I’m sorry I could not protect you, my son

I had vowed the day you were born that would protect you till my last breath,

But I was helpless that night… what could I have done?

They heard your cry and found our hiding place—

Before I knew it, he had grabbed you

Before I could stop him, he had driven a panga through your chest

Before I could gather any strength, the very—animal that had killed you had grabbed me too

He… raped me first

Then his two friends followed

Leaving me for dead, I thought I was coming to join you but…

I survived

I breathe the life I wished you would live to breathe but…

You live every day in my memory

                                                                                    Love, Mum


Verse 1

When politics is not based on humanity,

The people’s lives end in insanity!



Pride-stained paths of brained-washed militia

Streets quieted by fear of the end

Only it would be the end of one—tribe

One physical structure

One identity card

One type of human being reduced to cockroach

IT- had to be wiped off the face of the earth

Back down to the ground


To be forgotten

All because the “masters” said, “You must kill”


Verse 2

See, when society is not educated on unity

We have seen what becomes of community

We have seen that ignorance is evil’s opportunity

We have seen that when we turn away from peace

All we have left is brutality

All because the “masters” said, “You must kill”


When politics is not based on humanity,

The people’s lives end in insanity!


Letter 2

Josette, kibondo cyanjye

Mwali mwiza wuj’urugwiro

Umbabarire unkize iyi ntimba

Intimba ntewe n’ubugwari

Bwakuntwaye ndeba ntaka

Nzi neza y’uko iyo kwa jambo utubereye ijisho

Ibyo bintera gutsinda urujijo

Nkatumbera ijuru iyo ngana

Aheza nzagusanga tugatarama

I believed you would find safety when I told you to run

I truly believed had a future—

I’m sorry they found you before you crossed over

I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, my angel

But you live every day in my memory

                                                                        Love, Dad


Verse 3

Rwanda’s children, this one’s for you

This is for the young souls our land lost

And for the children we will bear after us

Bana b’uRwanda, iri jambo n’iryanyu

Ntore z’uRwanda

Nimuharanire ubutwari

Ubumwe n’umurava bibarange

Bana b’uRwanda, iri jambo n’iryanyu!


Letter 3

My child,

            You are not here to become the great person I knew you would be,

            But I see you in the eyes of Rwanda’s children every day

Verse 4

Rwanda’s chidren,

We have a duty

To do our duty

And that of those who were brutally stopped from doing their duty

We have a duty

To hold firmly, leaving no room for division, discrimination or arrogance


Rwanda’s children

Restoration of her pride

Reason her future looks bright

Now is the time

To steady your feet and stretch out your arms


Rwanda’s children

You are every hill and every hope

Hold hands and don’t ever let go

Remember, to love and to serve the ground that bore you

As you take this nation into your hands, remember

That we should never be the same


Bana b’uRwanda, iri jambo n’iryanyu

Ntore z’uRwanda, iri jambo n’iryacu!

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