DEBATE: Should society determine how indecent a woman is dressed?

Following a controversial incident in Nairobi recently, we felt inclined to address this elephant in the room.
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Your outward look is a reflection of you
It really doesn’t matter what age you are but before putting on any cloth from your closet, ask yourself this question, “Would I be okay with my daughter putting on this same cloth and walking out of the house?” If your answer is yes, then maybe you should wear it. I am assuming you are in your right state when making that decision.

I am definitely not in support of men that strip women. That is a whole new level of stupidity but women should value themselves so much that if a man looks at a lady, he should admire her for who she really is, as opposed to seeing her as a sex object because half of her body is out in the open.

Does a woman have to be covered from head to toe? No, unless her religion demands for it, for example some cults and religions in the world. However, the amount of cloth one should have on them is entirely a matter of the heart and conscience. If a woman’s heart is inclined towards goodness, she will wear clothes that are neither provocative nor revealing in public, clothes that do not reflect negatively upon her personal integrity.

Another funny bit about some women is the way they leave home well knowing what kind of skirt they are wearing and understand they have to take a taxi moto to work but still ignore that and spend the entire day of 24 hours pulling the skirt down as if they didn’t know that it is short.

Men will be men. You wear something revealing, they will stare at you, try to get it rolling with you and when you resist, they will call you a wh**e. Definitely not all men but just from a simple dress code that you could have worn for just one day, now you have a negative title on your name.

When you dress in an indecently, the attention you attract isn’t you but rather your body. Everyone who wants to talk to you isn’t interested in your personality or brilliance for the moment but rather what they can see. It could affect who you date in future, who you do business with and the moment they find out that the perception they had of you isn’t really what it is, they start backing off.

Decency in dress code reveals a modesty and Godliness of the heart, attitudes that should be the desire of all women (and men) who live to please and honor God.

Our culture but my body, my dress and my choice


Once more, for the umpteenth time, a woman accused of indecent dressing is reduced to utter humiliation on the streets. Once more, a lady wearing mini anything apparently commits a horrible crime against male humanity. And needless to add, these‘criminals’ deserve emotional, psychological, social, even physical, torture.

Once more, some among us taint our social fabric with a miserable failure at both morality and the not-so-common, common sense. Alas!

Quite naturally, I wonder, since when did MINISKIRTS begin to threaten social security more pungently than pot-holed, garbage-heaped streets in a city devoid of so much as reliable water and electric supply?? I mean, how savage!

Sadly, immediately behind such small mindedness, follows sickening guts. Some people assume the rights to ‘discipline’ miniskirt culprits — apparently equated to terrorists. Others defend such absurd actions, rejoicing in this empty claim to morality. They ignore that dress code standards were arbitrary establishments, historically male-imposed for that matter, and so obviously biased.

As for those who were shameless enough to participate in the poor lady’s ordeal, I am speechless. As if doing so made her any less ‘naked’ or ‘tempting’ or whatever other disgusting excuse for their actions. But even under the guise of temptation, ‘revealing’ attire could never logically serve as grounds for mob violence. I believe wardrobe business remains primarily about the wearer’s taste, and their freedom to govern that arena; NOT their viewer’s opinion on the wearers clothing.

We struggle here against a bigger injustice however, grumpy old gender inequality. Incriminating ‘seductive’ dress code to prevent men from straying is the lamestdefense for a deep-seated, obsession with power over a woman in society.

Somehow, tradition claims it is okay to nurse men’s sadistic entitlement to something as petty as women’s dress code, simply because it has always been that way. Well, here’s my two cents: How about real men started exercising self-control? We don’t jump into ditches daily just because they lay in front of us along the street. So why not ignore, or resist those women with whom your ‘indecent’ standards don’t match?

Like the trending twitter campaign — #Mydressmychoice— emphasizes, women have long been victims of flawed familial, societal and political systems in this regard. And guess who is not having it anymore and unapologetically so. We are; those of us, both male and female alike, who understand that this is an era where our voices and, therefore choices, actually matter.

Insofar as no exposed thigh, chest, or back ever caused physical harm to bored cynics, they might as well look and talk, not touch. Leave her be! As for those determined to indulge in the fruitless business of deciding how short ‘too-short’ in public is, tough luck!


2 thoughts on “DEBATE: Should society determine how indecent a woman is dressed?

  1. There is a saying, stop teaching girls how not to get raped and instead teach your sons no to be rapist. 70% of rapes happen with someone the victim knows. All this debate about what women wear, is just men trying to control women’s bodies, and in Kenya in particular it is due to men feeling threatened by women success. Rwandans used to wear very short skirts and go topless before colonization is that not our culture? Or is our culture this christian-19’s century western puritanical morals that we inherited from colonization speaking. “Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!” Marcus Garvey

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    1. Absolutely right! This is where my frustration comes from. We preach culture but practice something foreign, in addition to perpetuating male domination over the woman’s body. Not that I encourage indecency, but that this shouldn’t be the excuse for flat out bullying and placing women in a box of suppression by objectification. It’s just unreasonable.


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