Awaking from deep slumber
Arising to face sheer plunder
This thing called life,
Tearing me up in strife, anger, confusion, causing me spite
Breaking me, piece by piece
I fall to the ground on bended knee.
But even those are weak, So I
Slowly sink and take a seat, on my
Empty piles of greed

I wanted, needed, begged and later heeded
The hungry calls of my selfish reflection
I dreamed, hoped and faded into longing
Doing so to my detriment
Paving the way to my own destruction
Blind to dead ends
Deaf to clinging sounds of emptiness
Mute to a crushing fate

A rude awakening and here I am
From my own insanity,
The very highway that led me to this place
Yet regret is dead
Fear, how I dread!

See, broken trust and cracked glass are
Just about the same in kind;
The original piece might be gone
But new shapes are born, and
There unfolds a new kind of whole…
I emerge!
Yes, awaking from deep slumber
Seeing my horizons outstretched
I rise!

Molded by blows,
Beautified even by specks of soot;
Shaped by the very dust rubbing against my cheeks,
Empowered by the scars of my hands and feet
Which remind me of why I toil
Why I hope for brighter days
To speak to me of royalty;
There, where earth’s voice turns black.

Here I am, facing the sun
Its fades into me and suddenly,
I am crowned!
Queen of the land of hopeful courage
For I am stepping now
On this holy ground
Absorbing faith and strength
To face my demons,
To stump upon my past delusions

After all, they say, everything comes to an end:
Heartache, battle, fantasy, love, life…
Awaking to bittersweet reality
This thing called life
Awaking to this twisted piece of wisdom
To freedom and here I am;


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