Wretched Memories and Healing Hopes

This morning mother arose

To thoughts of that April day

Amidst her hills, the memories, they screamed.

And Mother beat upon her chest

For that day when she bled, reeked and cursed

She remembers sunrise quickly calling on sunset

And havoc unspeakable befalling our land that April day

Mother remembers…

Rwanda remembers today

From her past, she gathers the embers.

From the fire that threw her asunder

Twenty years on, she emerges.

Memories keep her running

To be purged!

To be freed!

From the bondage of genocide,

From that cruel tide, Freed!

Rwanda remembers.

This morning, our motherland arises.

Yes. Dust to dust, we all know we shall return

But today, Rwanda chooses to bloom like roses!

She has chosen forgiveness

For she is weary of hate’s madness

Rwanda arises from the slavery of curses!

Curses that tore our land and cast spells

We fix our gaze, this gentle morning,

On the breakthrough at hand, and say:

Behold! A basket once destroyed

Is, before our very eyes, rewoven! Renewed!

Our nation once awoke and found

Human souls thrown to a whirlwind

Evil had a face—

Hunting, hiding

Slaying, wailing

All innocence fled our hills.

Smiles amidst tears

Weapons against prayers

“But all this,” our soil cries, “For just what??”

Plunder? Partition? Power?

Disillusion at its prime!!

Incredulous! We stand still

Stunned by the wretched dreams of disunity

And scorched hopes,

Misguided beliefs and liars loot

Yet, still Rwanda continues the walk

To remember, unite and renew!

One foot forward

One step on

Each year forth is a new beginning

Of a new fate forged

For each new April morning



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