A Flame Rekindled 4/07/2014




As I walk on the green hills,  

Sleep between deep valleys,

And, stand – majestically

on the strong mountains,

We, are constantly reminded…


As I look to the skies

Fish in the lakes

Maneuver through the rivers

And travel the forests,

We, are constantly reminded…


As I wake up every morning

Go to class, and strive to pass

We, are constantly reminded

Of our past


Of where we came from, (Rwanda)

The land in which we were born (Rwanda)

and the unfortunate storm, (‘94)

that left us torn (‘94)

and now every April 7th

We mourn…

We, are constantly reminded…


is NOT a day

that we CAN let

ourselves forget

**the innocent lives lost

our fallen stars

our fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers

family and friends..

We, are constantly reminded…

Of the dangers of division,

Importance of unison

Respect for creation

We cannot let ourselves forget

Lest we go back to where

hatred, confusion and anger met

We cannot let ourselves forget

**We, are constantly reminded…


Rwanda rwacu,

Reka dukomeze turabur’amaboko!

Reka umucyo w’ukwizera uturange   

Urukundo, ubumwe n’ubwiyunge

Bitubere amahoro n’imbaraga

Inkonvu zacu  zihinduts’ububuhamya!

Twibuke duhanga amaso kurumuri

Urumuri rutazima kubw’uRwanda rwacu dukunda

Yego, duhora twibuka


We, are constantly reminded

But as we stand here today,

we do so making different memories,

making different histories

ones that will teach and talk of unity

ones that will empower

our future sons,

to strive for peace,

and destroy

machetes and guns.


We, are constantly reminded…

No we cannot erase or forget the past

but we can make one that our sons and daughters

can be proud of-

one that comes like peace of the dove

one of love


And though, we are constantly reminded…

Let our shouts of courage resound

around the world

let our  song of renewal,

inspire dance around  world

step by step

Let our new song of flame rekindled


night and day.

As we. are constantly reminded…


Rwanda rwanjye

Rwanda rugari,

Kwifurije kuzahora uri,

Igihugu cy’amata n’ubuki,

kuri twe abana wabyaye.



Kugeza amahanga akumenye.

kuva ku matongo yagutwikire,

kugeza ku cyizere duhetse uyu munsi.


Today, as we stand here,

We, are constantly reminded…

of your memory

As we make positive headlines daily,

As we increase our ability to forgive,

Share a vision,

Build a future,

That seemed impossible to have,

And a foolish dream,

But we, are constantly reminded…

As we stand as poles and proof of what hope can bring,

now we sing…

As your memory and legacy guide us to a brighter future


We, are constantly reminded of you….


Hora Rwanda, kandi uhoreho!

Ukomeze ube igisubizo- kubibazo

umutekano n’amahoro -ku kavuyo

n’urukundo -ku rwango

ukomeze ube urugero

kuri bose- kw’isi hose



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