“Every day, every hour, my lord, I need you

I need you to guide me and show me your way,

So that on that day I might come to you in peace” ~Chorus of Kinyarwanda Hymn, translated.


Suddenly, the world seems to stretch out wide.

Each direction, a subtle blow swiftly strikes.

Legs weak; arms weighed down; stomach tight.

Awaiting the end of a whirlwind,

The beginning of a new dawn,

I shut my eyes and hope.

I hope to rise…



Soon, grand dreams and visions arise 

The ceiling seems taller but the floor lower too.

Feet tense; mind feeble; breath short.

Awaiting a momentous breakthrough,

The finding of my new place,

I shut my eyes and hope.

I hope to rise…



Seemingly, I am here in this strange to stay.

Sadly, I came to terms with all this just today.

Heart timid; mind confused; hands tired.

Awaiting some sort of understanding,

The hearing of my own voice,

I shut my eyes and hope.

I hope to spread…



I look solitarily out over this expanse of sea.

I see mighty waters and limitless possibility.

I am privileged to be treading this path, I know.

I’m privileged to be standing this ground, I feel.

Awaiting courage; awaiting strength.

Like a waterfall, I surge forth

With hope as my guide, and grace my fortress.

I am shutting my eyes, and knowing.

That he is…


                                                                                    Natasha Muhoza


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