CHILDHOOD; Pillar Of Our Growth


Growing up… What i call ‘The roller-coaster life’ in which every stage seems: exciting, scary and horrible at times. At others, the prospect of ones triumph over the challenges along their journey is a source of immense pride. The beauty of it becomes more apparent when one is in contact with a child. Be it their own, one they baby sit, or even one they’ve met at the dentists or at the store. 😉

I’ve come to believe spending time with children rejuvenates us. By reminding us of such times in our own journey, moments with children give us a break from the reality that the world is a place where our own childhood is constantly rejected. That childhood is where our growth remains under scrutiny, constant judgement and never is satisfying enough to almost everyone as far as we know. At least not until one shows signs of,of course, maturity. That’s the problem though. I find fault with the general ‘No-room-for-childhood’ mentality within some communities and environments. Unfortunately, the ideology lies embedded in most of African culture (With which I identify) and similarly, in a good number of western and Asian cultures. Not at all do I mean that encouraging mental, moral and intellectual maturity is bad per se. Rather I wonder, could the modern ‘hustle hard, snap out of your childish dreams and get down to business’ culture be robbing us of a valuable and vital part of the natural process of our human development? I’m on the quest for answers, but I’ll stop here and reflect.

Being around little children has always given me a strangely overwhelming sense of fulfillment.  Call it my own natural aspiration to mother my own some day, or that I merely have a ‘thing’ for kids, whatever. I call it envy. I, as do many others, long for a re-connection to such innocence in which exists the belief in worlds so high, unrestrained by our own selfishness…

Surrounding myself with much younger children than myself  is to place myself among free souls, unstinted dreams, admirable loads of hope, courage and most definitely, genuine laughter and great love.

This is no unique testimonial to me, I’m sure. Rather, it is a nod of the head and hearty smile of approval, the passionate hallelujah among the silent congregation. it is the whispered ‘Behold, the Kingdom of heaven is at hand!’ (Mathew 4:17). The Child in us is at the root of our strength. There is no such thing as maturity without the ideals held, emotions felt, and lessons learned as a child. And just as growth is the stair we climb onto each passing day, so is childhood that stair we climb from.



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